“What would happen if we applied Earth 2150 to Homeworld?”

Slipstream: The Price of Freedom is just that. Or, at least, was supposed to be just that. What started as a multiplayer combat simulator, ended as the first entry into the Slipstream universe that never reached its full potential. This epic mod is a semi-total conversion of Homeworld2 Classic, which drastically alters the gameplay, music, and art-style. The mod is not technically finished, as it still uses the stock Homeworld2 models that were supposed to be replaced by actual models during the v3.x series. However, the gameplay is essentially complete save for a few balancing issues.

Slipstream – imagine the year 2631. Humanity has divided into two factions, each with their own cult-like hegemony, bent on absolutely annihilating each other. Each side has been fighting for the better part of a hundred years, locked in the “Freedom war” so orchestrated by the oligarchies and labeled to expedite patriotism and pride. Clearly, this perpetual war will see no end until there is no one left to fight it. The tensions between the two hyperpowers finally give way, as galactic civilization comes crashing down with one last order: “Eradicate the enemy.” Now is your time to stake claim in the new galactic order. Take control of your fleet, and eradicate the enemy.

Experience a chaotic combat simulator that has you thinking twice about strategy. Weapon damage is random. Ships move randomly to avoid weapon fire. These are just a few examples of what you’ll find in The Price of Freedom. This is nothing like Homeworld, this is an extremely fast-paced multiplayer arena that keep the stakes high and takes the gameplay to a whole new level.

Slipstream: The Price of Freedom