Welcome to Xenolith Games!

Welcome to Xenolith Games! We are a small team of independent, agile developers looking to create and publish games with new and exciting concepts. Founded by Tanner Mckenney in 2016, we operate globally and work remotely. Currently, our only project has been Slipstream: The Price of Freedom, a mod for the commercial game Homeworld2 by Relic Entertainment. We are looking to revisit the Slipstream Universe soon enough, but we are also looking to embark on other projects as well. Stay tuned for updates, articles, announcements and more!


Author: Tanner Mckenney

Millennial Software Engineer located in Western Maryland. I specialize in web applications using PHP backends and SQL databases. I also built our first project, a mod called "Slipstream: The Price of Freedom" for Homeworld 2

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